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 Long ago, these clever capuchins worked out that this is what they needed to finish the job. Now the final step. soft dramatic music music intensifying We used to think only humans were clever enough to use tools like this. joyful music Youngsters watch and imitate their elders, just as human toddlers do. thumping They learn very early that to do a job properly, you’ve gotta have the right tool. fly buzzing It takes  years to become a master nutcracker. birds squawking In many parts of the world, you need more than just skill. You need courage to find food. birds squawking A couple of weeks ago, this ibex gave birth to her kids at the top of this cliff, out of the reach of predators. Now they need food and water. And that is down in the valley. Getting there is going to be tough. pebbles falling down hooves echoing wind gusting birds squawking Trailing behind, this little one is almost down, when she runs right into trouble. dramatic music The kid has never seen a fox before but she knows she must run for her life.