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Pascal Chardon, , Rue de Belleville. Try buying some furniture with it. Furniture? Just collects dust. Hey, there. Not exactly what I expected. No, he’s a complete loser. And unpleasant with it. Sure, mum, don’t worry. I’m very careful. Ramadan’s started? I don’t care, I don’t fast. So? What’s doing? Nothing much. Not even a scooter theft. Lesson number one. A cop always has something to do. Right now, for example, I’m observing you. Thinking. Should I take notes? Want one? Croissant? You broke the sculptor’s leg. You gotta cool it. Thanks. You know Beranger? The TV presenter? Yes. He was at one of Mado’s parties Saturday. With some friends, for his birthday. Celebrities? No, just friends of his. He wanted some new girls and it got messy. One of the girls was hospitalised. Cracked skull. She’s still in the hospital? Under observation for five days. You know where? Would I tell you otherwise? It’s me. Chardon’s banging someone we know. A journalist? Not that classy. Katryn. The brunette at Mado’s. She gives him the juice. Creams off a little extra. She must have got it from one of our Congolese friends. I’ll try to find out. What’s going on? You knew Katryn’s banging a smalltime blackmailer? Your girls aren’t there to talk. What do you suggest? I cut her finger off’? Her tongue? I drop her in cement? The situation’s complicated enough as it is. I trust you to find a solution. You’d rather I go, is that it? Fine. Thanks, Rachid. He still placing his order? You’re kidding. It’s all a pose. You’re just jealous of his cool SUV. I know these jerks by heart. Jail’s too good for them. All they deserve is a bullet in the head. Period. What’s up? I want a word. How about we go somewhere Game Somewhere nicer. What’s it about? Pascal Chardon. Never heard of him. You’ve never heard of him? No, never heard of him. Stay here. Be nice, I have people waiting. Fernandez, be nice Game They’re waiting for me. Stay calm. Calm down. Let go of me. Stop playing games, OK? Answer me. Please Game Cut it out. Answer me now!