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And the things with the axes, who are they? CHRIS OFFSCREEN The, uh, opposition. So they’re the angels, and you’re Game God’s gargoyles, is what we call them. Created to scare away evil spirits. Seth brought them to frighten you, to keep you away. Am I an evil spirit? You’re an abandoned child who for years has been brutalized by the ignorant swine of this world who are afraid of anyone different. And there’s a very special man trapped under that house who understands what your life has been. Talk to him. That’s all he wants. That’s all you want, isn’t it? DOORS BURST OPEN They can’t hurt you. They would have killed you a long time ago if they could. We’ll take care of them. This fight has been a long time coming, Nick. Go. Talk to your father. Do it! BATTLE CRY METAL CLASHING Aaaah! Nnngh! Aaaugghh! Hey. Hey! Hey! METAL CLASHING Aaaaghhhhhh! It’s me, Evie. Don’t scream. Don’t make any noise, OK? You been wandering around all night? We have to go to the house. We have to find Nick. Nick’s not at the house, Evie. He’s there, Ryo. And he needs us. Why would Nick be at the house? Oh my god! We have to go back, Eve. Evie! Let’s go back. EVE OFFSCREEN We have to go in there. RYAN OFFSCREEN Nick’s not gonna be here. They cut out their hearts. Come on, let’s go! No! Hey, hey, hey! Come on! Who are we kidding, Eve? Do we even want to see Nick if he’s in there? Ryan, he might be hurt. GUTTURAL SCREAM RYAN OFFSCREEN It’s OK. It’s just us. Nicky, it’s me and Evie. Look at us, Nicky. What did they do to you? What did they do to you, Nicky? RYAN OFFSCREEN You’re hurt, man. We gotta get Game Don’t touch me! Nicky, you are bleeding. You stay away from me. Let me breathe, OK? RYAN OFFSCREEN OK. METAL CLANGING What did they do to you? I asked if it was my father, and he Game he said yes. RYAN OFFSCREEN Don’t, Nicky Game And I said yes. And it came in. And Seth and all of those things out there tried to stop him. They tried to stop me! THUD Holy God. Nick. WHISPERING Our baby. I saw our baby. What did you see? NICK OFFSCREEN I saw that we had . What did you see? Tell me. I’m trapped within until I get three more. Oh my god, Evie. Oh my god. What? Walk away. Evie, don’t run. Get away from Game GASP LIQUID DRIPPING THUD NICK OFFSCREEN Two to go. SCREAMING SCREAMS VOICE ON HOSPITAL PA There she is. You’re full of painkillers, honey. Don’t try and move. You went into labor and had your baby. You don’t remember? Well, he’s in good shape. Let’s go see your mama. BABY FUSSING There’s Mama. How did I get here? You don’t remember the man that brought you in? She’s awake now. BABY CRYING EVE OFFSCREEN LAUGHING Yeah, you saw the picture? You like it? Yeah, that’s part of the change. Yeah, we’re doing good. A lot safer now. No, no, no, no. No, they’re being guarded at all times. They’re never getting out of there. They’re never gonna find the house. I destroyed the will and the deed. DISEMBODIED MALE VOICE Now above the door, make a window. Draw that window round. Good boy.