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I wonder if they feel as strongly about the location of the capital as you do. Why any man with a grain of .. ─ General .. I’m going to send you outside on to the balcony to cool down. Father-in-law. If I could only get hold of Jefferson and Monroe. What, to back your Assumption Bill? ─ Yes. If you could only get hold of the moon. Outside, and keep quiet. I declare Jefferson and Senator Monroe, sir. Mr Jefferson. Senator Monroe. How do, Hamilton. ─ Won’t you sit down. Mr Hamilton. We’ve come to have a little chat with you. I am at your service. If our business is private I’ll mention that General Schuyler is on the balcony. Oh, not at all. I’ve already mentioned to him. That we wished to speak to you about the location of the capital. You know the Resident’s Bill must be voted on without delay. I understand that an immediate decision is necessary. I will not disguise from you .. That I consider the geographical position of the capital .. A very vital matter. A very vital matter. We know you will have great influence with the President.