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Hunter Harry 2 between community organizers and politics. So this is where Hillary decided to take Alinsky in a different direction. While Alinsky wanted the radicals to pressure the government, Hillary wanted the radicals to become the government. Why try to shame people from the outside when you can intimidate them from the inside? So I would say on ideology. Hillary is closer to Obama than she is to Bill. Hillary figured it out, Obama is now carrying it out. The IRS, EPA, DOJ, NSA are all collecting information and storing it on every American. Welcome to the Panopticon, a prison designed by philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the s. His design gave the guards a God’s eye view. Here, there’s no privacy, What Bentham envisioned for a prison has now become the hitech Panopticon. Nobody is listening to your telephone calls. The United States is not spying on ordinary people who don’t threaten our national security. There’s no question that the collection of these huge amounts of data gives the government the ability to go after anybody and everybody. The government will always use as much power as you give it. It will always go up to and sometimes cross over, eh, the line. That’s a real problem, particularly if we’re looking at everyone’s Internet searches, we’re looking at what magazines you read, what books you read, and really a lot of your life. Imagine how much of your life is online. If they can look at your Visa bill without a warrant. This program, by the way, is fully overseen by the FISA Court, a court specially put together to evaluate classified programs to make sure that the executive branch or government generally is not abusing them and that it’s being carried out consistent with the Constitution. The FISA Court should not be allowed to use the term “court.” It is not a court. A court by definition means an institution that hears both sides of a case and controversy. Due process is an open court. Adversarial process on both sides of it. But it’s not in a secret court. FISA, with nobody to advocate for the individual that’s being spied upon. Judges should not be allowed to wear robes. They shouldn’t be allowed to use the word “judge.” They shouldn’t be allowed to use the word “court.” And it’s misleading the public. Many people will say, “I haven’t done anything wrong “and so I don’t really care if they read my mail.” The problem with that is it’s a much different standard than innocent until proven guilty. It’s that everything is open. They come into your house and say, “Oh, you’ve been sending emails to someone in Lebanon. “We suspect you of terrorism.” If they get in your house and they find no terrorism, you’re not connected, but they find you have paint that you brought home from the office that you bought with a business expense and you were painting your office, now you’re painting the inside of your house, you’ve now committed a tax violation. Or maybe they find you have an unregistered gun. Everything in America now is criminal. You can’t practice commercial law or real estate law, be in the hedge fund business,