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Isn’t that a perfectly normal human thing to do? If you weren’t so eager to do a hatchet job, you wouldn’t think twice about it. I thought you should see what’s left of Westworld. I don’t want to be accused of trying to hide anything. Oh, now Mr. Duffy, I hope you understand I don’t think you’re trying to hide anything. I think that Delos is wonderful and I’m sure that’s how the story’s going to come out. That’s very gratifying. Gratifying, yes. Well, I’d like to have a look around by myself. If you don’t have any objections? Not at all. Hmm. Interesting fellow. Certainly has a suspicious mind. Oh, yes. He thinks it’s admirable. Chuck? Chuck, where are you? Chuck? Chuck? Can I give you a hand? You brat! I should’ve known better than to worry about you. Tracy. Damn! I just Games can’t decide. Then don’t. Take us both. I don’t think that would work out. Why not? We’re both models. Yeah, that’s okay for you, but Games I mean Games I mean, what the hell, I’m no Superman. You’d be surprised. Well, I’ll leave you to yourselves. Dinner should be along shortly. Better get plenty of rest. Got a big day head of us. Good night. Good night. Good night. Socks. Aw, come on, Socks, it was only a joke. My bed is upstairs, yours is downstairs. Let’s make damn sure we keep it that way. Monitoring diarthrosis objevis. Hyaline and synovial read-outs recorded. Status. We’re completing the gross body series. We’ll start molecular studies in one hour. All right, did you alter their food? Yes, sir, we should have to hours. I want all thermal x-ray and electrochemical studies finished by tonight. That’s not much time. It’ll have to do. Our Mr. Browning is getting much too curious. I have a holograph in my screen. Restructuring. Read-out normal. Security reports that drugs were added to the food intake of all four subjects. The subjects are now asleep and available for pick-up at hours. All subjects should be returned to their rooms by . Begin all graphic studies on my mark. , , , mark. I am reading the cytoplasmic structure now.