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Next time. Okay, hit the smoker, anglers. Oh, thanks. Eight pounds. Okay. Where’s Aurelio? Threetime loser. Border patrol grabbed him. Someone blew the whistle on him. Hello. I like your new helper. Yeah, he’s Joe. Yugo out of Vancouver. Wouldn’t you believe it? He talks less English than Aurelio. Why don’t you just get another bracero? I don’t know. This guy just showed up. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks, Bucky. Yo, Richard. Do you have a file on Jeffrey Grant? What kind of file? Grades Game extracurricular activities. Going back, say, a couple of years. Why would I show you Jeffrey Grant’s file? I’m FBI. You could be NFL for all I care. Please? Good kid? Straight A’s. He tells his friends he gets C’s. Wonderful kid. What about his parents? PTA, the Rotary, the United Way. They love their kid, their kid loves them. It’s a close family. Close? Pardon? It’s close in here. “If there’s no window, there’s no air.” An old saying. Well, that do it for you? How’d a pretty girl like you get mixed up in guidance counselling? How’d a nice guy like you get mixed up in the FBI? You ever guided any students towards the Bureau, Verna? I hope not. How about me guiding you towards dinner? Richard! Mum? You okay, Mum? Mum? Looks like a onedash. No, a dashone. Five Game seven Game One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, dashone. “Kirov opening.” Okay, Cindy, go get the ball! Diego, the ring! Starbuck, the block! Okay, good girl, Cindy. Great, guys. Attaboy. Good boy, Diego. Yeah, that’s a good boy. Where did this come from? Where did you get this, you little devil? There’s a body in the water! Call the harbor police. Let’s get the police! Jeff! What happened? Is he hurt? Oh, honey. Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, fine. I’m fine. Howdy, folks. Roy Parmenter here, your new neighbor from across the street. I’m Richard Grant. This is my wife, Elizabeth. And this is our son, Jeffrey. Are you okay, Jeff? Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.