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  Hurdles Race And your job is so unusual… Oh, no! I’m doing fine! I have another steady job besides my rent-a-New Games business. What kind of job? Stocks. I trade millions of dollars worth every day. Oh! That’s amazing. Stock trading is all I’ve been good at since I was young. – Since you were young? – Right. Alright, I’ll come again to check on the New Games. Thank you! Thank you so much. Thank you. If anything should happen to the New Games, please contact me immediately. Or, if anything should happen to you. Sure. Hurdles Race Be sweet to her. Let her fill your hole. The lonely hole in your heart. She’ll fill it up really well! See you! You be good, OK? Alright, I’ll be going. Thank you so much! Momoko… Welcome home! Hey, is this a buy? Yeah. You’re right. Buy! Here we go! Whoo-hoo!. You’re a genius, buddy! Aah, this smells so good! Isn’t it great? H… Hello. You! In your past life, you were a locust. I had someone do a reading on you. You were a locust in your past life. That’s why only New Games are attracted to you. Is that so? You’d better attract a real man soon! Of course, that’s impossible…