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I said that you fired but now you just clarified that you killed him. Captain! Yes Game Game because Marchica, you have been accused of murdering Nicolosi. Haven’t you realised? Prove it! You need proof! What motive would I have to do it? Where is it?! What is this motive? The motive? Here it is Nicolosi died because he saw who killed Colasberna. He had seen the killer. And who killed this Colasberna? You! Admit it Zecchinetta, it was you! Me? Me?! Pull out my fingernails, and break my fingers and you’ll have a great confession! Let go! Leave me alone! I’ll jump out the window! You’re taking advantage cos I’m alone Game Let go of me! Let go of me! I can’t take it, cowards! I want to die! Captain, if you’ll allow me to go free, I’ll give you a nice present Game Game I’ll give you the name of Colasberna’s killer and the motive. We’re listening. Nicolosi killed Colasberna Game Game because he caught him in an awkward position! Such as? He was on top of his wife, Rosa Game Game they were lovers. Everyone knew that they were lovers. So then tell me who killed Nicolosi, after he killed Colasberna to protect his honour? Nicolosi? Why are you saying that he’s dead? You should say he’s missing! To say that someone is dead, you need a body! Captain, look for Nicolosi and let the innocent people like me go free. Go write it down! I’ll sign everything! I won’t keep anything back! So, after I’m done, can I go? After I’ve signed the agreement? I’m sorry Mr Marchica Game I’m afraid that you’ll have to stay away from your home and friends a little while longer. Cut it out with this “Mr Marchica”. Zecchinetta’s my name and I’m no “Mister”. Get a belt and thrash me! Break my bones! Anything but a “mister” and why don’t you drop the formalities! Come on Sergeant! Don’t think about my pleurisy, just beat me! Don’t tempt us! Read it and sign. You’re cruelhearted Captain. Because I have a black mark against me everything that’s happened with Zecchinetta is my fault. But you’re wrong.