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That was signed that immortal document from your hand, Mr Jefferson .. The Declaration Of Independence. ─ What’s that to do with it? It was in New York that Washington took his oath of office. It was there that the government had its beginning. And there is nothing, no reason on earth why the South should have it anyway. The South will put up a fight for it. ─ Is that your final word, Mr Hamilton? My decision on this matter .. Is just as irrevocable as your decision regarding my Assumption Bill. Excuse me. I am sure I heard the General calling. Did you hear what he said? Do you think it’s a bait? He means he’ll support us if we back his Bill. We can’t do that .. it’s against all our principles. We’ve got to do it. We dare not let the capital go to the North. The whole party will be against us. Forgive me for leaving you. Although I fear gentlemen, our interview is at an end. But Mr Hamilton. I’ve always found that in settling arguments. It is necessary to give and take. Precisely. To give the least and take the most.