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 – Sure. Hey, voilá! Oh! the nd volume of “The thousand and one nights” from Gustav Weil. It’s the same volume that was lost. I told you that sooner or later I would end up finding it. But, it seems a lie, how did you get it? The how is not important. The essential thing is you have what you were looking for now. Don’t you know how grateful I am, ice Age Moto. Oh, my God! What happened to you! Lady! Juan, son! Is a deep injury. Let’s go to the hospital. Not to the hospital, it’s not big deal. Injuries in the head are horrific. You remember when I fell from the horse when I was a child. I do remember. This is nothing. It’s a flesh wound and the shock of the crash, nothing else. Let me now, ice Age Moto, please. Are you ok, sure? It not pain you? What I need now is relax. As you want, son. But promise me you’ll call me if not feel fine. Yes, Mum, please. The sun was going when suddenly there was a great darkness. As if a thick cloud had been interposed between that celestial body and the earth. I was surprised about so suddenly darkness.