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İmmortal Rampage I’ll just call you back. Ok. Love you. Bye. Ok Game You stop the car here. Right here. Sir here? I’m telling you, stop the car. The house is ahead Game You argue too much man Game Sir but why? Again why! Do one thingjump the wall, then hide and cross the garden Game Yes hide, and come in through my bedroom window. Sir isn’t this story absurd Game Romeo hides from Juliet’s father and goes to meet her. He doesn’t hide form Juliet to go meet her father. Does Radha work in Juliet’s house? No! Radha will see Romeo, she’ll inform Juliet, Juliet will ask her father ‘what was Romeo doing with you, out of office, in the middle of the afternoon’? That’s correct logic! So do it. Yeah. Let me send Radha out for some work Game Then I’ll signal you to come inside. Got it Commando? Aye Aye Captain! ‘ Roger! Bloody hell. Radha, Radha! Yes papaji Come here Game A few of my shirts and trousers are lying outside the cupboard, take them to the washerwoman and get them ironed nicely. And don’t come back till they’re all done, even if takes an hour. But Shah Rukh’s film on TV Game Hey, don’t talk nonsense with me Game till the job is not done, stay with the washerwoman. What can I say Game I’m missing the film Game There’s always so much work around here Game Have you seen it? Not yet, I’m not that lucky Game Oh, you haven’t? I’m crazy about Shah Rukh Game But ever since papaji has retired, he just doesn’t let go off the remote control Game Bloody duffer! HEY Hey lovebirds! Hi Hi Are we the lovebirds or are you guys the lovebirds? Immy’s recordbreaking relationship Game Two months and still going strong, yes? Yes Game Just when Mohit lost his job, Swati came into my life Game What? Now everything will be with reference to my job? Before Mohit’s job Game After Mohit’s job? Bad mood huh? Come on show us your dimples man Game C’mon show us Game Hmmm Game very bad mood. lmmy let’s go dance! One Long Island ice tea and one rumncoke. No rumncoke. Yes rumncoke. I’m on antibiotics Game Do you have the flu? Best medicine, Rum n Coke! One Rum n Coke please.