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  Are these- are these it? I had a- what? Where did you- Where did you- where’d you find this? It was in the oven. The oven! The oven?! Yeah. Oh! Friends for fifty-plus- For-for thirty-plus years with that old man. I never would have guessed the oven. I- Who would have thought the oven? Ahh. My, uh My, uh records And my mail Sometimes even my socks, in the freezer. and he says I’m the one who needs help. It’s all these All the letters, they said, uh All these things All these things. They said, uh Ma-make a scrapbook, Uh Ohh. Huh. This is Impale. She’s my daughter. How could you forget your daughter? Hey. Thank you. Cheers. Cheers. Flash Games, you want some help? You want to help? Hand me that, uh Uh the sticky thing, uh Uh The- Ahh. That’s Bernice. She died last year at mission villa. I’m sorry. She wanted me to go there too. It’s all she ever talked about, So we pretty much stopped talkin’. Well, I’ve had all the crime fighting I could handle for one day. So you get out of here. It’s a beautiful day out there. oh, wait. Oh. Thanks. Bye, Flash Games! See ya.