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Impossible to park 3D Mohit’s dadinlaw is coming to office. So just pretend like Mohit still works here. Ok? Ok? Ok Nice! C’mon move ahead Game Is it your father’s wedding Game Yes, move it back Game Come on! Move the car! Move a little ahead. What’s going on man? Don’t know man Game What’s going on? Oh Game aunty..what is this Game Let go off me please Game Brother, please Game Mohit Chaddha, th floor Game Thank you Yes Sir Game God Game Get to the side Game Move on Game What are you fighting over? Will you take me? I’m dead! Hello sir. th floor, please. People came, people left Game But Mohit sir stayed strong in his seat Game Hello sir.. how are you? Who are you? Sir I’m Mohit’s best friend lmmy Game OK..OK Game Ya ya Game Mohit’s cabin is that way Game Sir not that way Game sir coffee is this way Game Sir lunch plan? Son in law, father in law, surprise lunch plan? The mad Game the mad Game the mad son in law Game Oh my God! Isn’t it funny? Sir, the boss has called for Mohit Game Why don’t you come to my cubicle Game Sir you like Chinese food? Going somewhere Mohit Game or have you come to apologize? Mohit’s cabin was somewhere here Game It’s on the other side! No, it’s there Game Yes, this is it Game And you’re here too Game I am here Game Good job lmmy Game I will surely recommend your name for a promotion Game Aah Game No Game no promotion. I’m very happy in my cubicle. Ok bye, see you. Bye. Very irritating man Game I have to talk to you Game come in Game Sir over lunch? Lunch? Ya Good idea Game come on, lead the way. After you, please sir. You have been fined three times for driving of fences, once for breaking a signal Game and you always file your IT returns after the due date. Your US visa was refused after the first attempt Game I’m sure something is wrong with you only Game Otherwise one gets it in the first attempt Game The detailed inquiry is in this Game RTO file, Income Tax, Police inquiry, passport office. So many criminal cases. How can I marry my daughter to you? Sir, you did this research all on your own? Obviously,