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So she isn’t dead? If you open the grave of a dead jinn Game the curse is lifted. If you open the grave of a living jinn Game the curse Game incrases. Sare. Was buried alive. They imprisoned herin the cursed tree. Oh my God. Oh my God, what did I do? What did you do? What did you do? İlyas. İlyas what happened? Where is the doctor? what happened to you? What is going on İlyas? That motherand daughter planned everything. They’re going to give the doctor’s body to Sare instead of Why did you leave the house? Games You called me. Games That’s a lie I don’t even have a phone What are you talking about İlyas The Zuzula clan killed my wife. They are here hodja. They are everywhere. İlyas Games It’s too late now hodja. Games İlyas what happened? They took . Body exchange. They will give to Sare. Kıbledere Refika? Esra? Don’t you fear God? Are you not afraid of God? Yusuf in the bottom of the well Game God Game Yusuf Game . , open youreyes. Why? What did I ever do to you? Right. You did nothing . It was yourfather. Yourfather Remzi. He sought out the treasure for years. He chased the money. Yourfatherwas the reason my daughterwas possessed by jinns. He gathered the money. Took you and saved his family. My daughtersuffered. She suffered for years. Enough. Now it’s yourturn. Do you understand? I will take my daughter and leave this place. From now on, Sare will eat away yoursoul. She will take you hostage. This is your problem now. My daughterwill be saved, do you understand? Enough. You lived your life . But now it’s ourturn. Me and my sister are going to live. Esra. Refika Esra Get me out Refika What did I do to you? How am i going to get out? Refika I can’t breathe Calm down. I need to get out of here. I ned to get out. How am I going to get out? Let me out of here Oh God, how am I going to get out? Faruk hodja Help God please help me. God please help me. Please go. Faruk Akat was rescued from the well by villagers but he was severly injured. He had amnesia due to an injury sustained to the head. His whereabouts are kept secret by his family Game No one has been able to locate Refika, Esra and Duman. The police are still looking forthem