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What sort of a girl are you waiting for? Must be slim, fair and beautiful. Must be well educated too. Bloody life! l don’t have even one quality. What do you eat? Nothing. That’s why, are you so thin? Don’t touch! Please listen to me. Don’t harm me, l’m still a bachelor. Please don’t ruin my life. Please listen to me. Oh my God! She’s terrible! She was inside, did that Love Guru scene happen with her? What a nasty plan! Trust me sir, l didn’t know about escalators there. l don’t know if Love Guru’s ideas work or not.- Yes brother. Who rang the bell? ls this puppy worth Rs. lakh? Dogs are expensive than humans. Yes brother. Keep it inside. What’s the costliest item here? Subbu is very good. Very cute too. That’s why that name. l’m little uneasy with lot of sounds at night. l don’t snore. But very sweet while angry and biting teeth. Biting teeth? May be remembered your brothers. Pumpkin gravy was great! l didn’t like it earlier. Are you attending cooking classes? Why are you asking that? Off late girls have started cooking, that’s why. l know to cook. Where are you going? l’ll not think about lover like you, l’m going to propose my love. You’ll never understand my problem. That’s the problem with girls, we’ll fall in love deeply and yet fear to express it. lt’s common with girls. How can l propose without knowing whether he likes me or not. l’m scared. Why should you be scared to express love with someone you love? You may think before falling in love, but don’t delay to express your love. You propose your love, l’m sure he’ll accept. Are you sentimental about this place? l always plan and take important decisions in my life here only. l think you don’t mingle with other much.- Yes. l don’t know why but l can’t get along with people easily. l can talk only with someone l really feel very close. We’ve a singing competition to celebrate Valentine’s day. We’ll arrange all expenses paid marriage of the winning couple, why not try your luck? Are you going to sing? No, if l sing nobody here will marry, l’m going to the rest room.