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İn The Shadows of the martial Tİme, İn The Shadows of the martial Tİme Games, Play İn The Shadows of the martial Tİme Games

You get the iron box. What? Get it l say. Nothing will happen to you, l’m there for you. Please call him outside. Who? That man! Who is he? Unknown stranger! Stranger? Call him out. Who is he? Call him l say! Call him Games call him Games Don’t cry. l’m not beating you, Balaraju. Who are you beating then? Unknown stranger. lf you beat him, l’m getting hurt. What bothers you if l beat him? Save me, please come Games Please call him out. call him out! Call that stranger out. Why are you watching him kill me? You stretched so far! Did l stretch like that? Why did you stretch so much? Call him Games call him l say Games Who? That man! He’ll not come. Elderly man is dead! What happened to father? What are you doing? Stop! He had a heart attack and fell down. l told him not to get emotional. But still he got emotional. l’m trying to revive him. Father is fine, brother-in-law. Did you see? l was here at right time, so your father survived. lf not your father Games Take it. Why did you bring this? That’s why l say watch more films. Generally doctors keep hot iron box on chest to revive patients. Will you iron him now? Father is fine. You go dear. You saved him like God. Aren’t you ashamed? Situation is so serious. Are you drinking here happily? What happened? Your elder brother is better than you guys. Though your brother is goon, he was worried about your father’s heart Games Stop it! Tell me what’s the matter? Your father had an heart attack. King Games you’re an Emperor Games Brother, you’re a God! You’re really a God! What happened? Hiding the secret in your heart that father has heart trouble, enduring the pain in your heart fearing it may hurt our hearts, keeping entire thing in your heart, Stop your heart nonsense. l lied to him about father having heart attack to bring him here. He thinks it’s true and giving all of us an heart attack. Where is Balaraju? Sir! Call him out! Who? Unknown stranger! No need of stranger, brother. l came here to play Twenty but you played test match with me, please declare the innings.