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you’re wasting my time. This is a complete waste of my time. I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I can’t work with you. Take it. Take the book. You can’t Game What, are you dropping me? I am sorry. What else Game What other choice do I have, really? I just got a Game day chip in there, and you’re firing me? Game Neil Game Game No, that is all sorts of fucked up, man. Neil, I told you from the beginning that you had to do the work. You haven’t done a single thing in this book. Game Try doing my job. Game What are you talking about? Game This is bullshit. Game Are you out of your mind? I need this, okay? I need you to sign my court card. Game There it is. That’s what this is about? Game That’s not what this is about. Don’t worry, Neil. The chairperson can sign your card. You don’t need me and I don’t need this. The pages are all stuck fucking together. If it wasn’t you, then who? Who the fuck brought my book outside? Who the fuck left my book outside? Who? Who? Just tell me who. If it wasn’t you, then who? Who? Game Who? You know what Game Game Shut the fuck up! Asshole. What’s all this? Danny’s making us breakfast. This will be interesting. I have not seen my son in years. Can you try not chasing him away? Here we go. Breakfast a la Danny. Look at this. It’s so fancy. What’s this gonna cost us? Game Nothing. Game Okay. There’s some butter there if you want it, Ma. Thank you. This is really good. I tried to get yours back, but Game Game Oh, honey. Game it’s the best I could do. Game Will you put it on me? Game Yeah, of course. So, yeah, I mean, after my stretch, I bounced around a lot. I worked an oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico, picked spinach in Central Valley, California. Game Really? Game Yeah. Just basically saw the country. And you’ve been sober the whole time? Yeah. Just white Game knuckling it? Yeah, you know, not everybody needs to go with AA, Dad. Is that right? Yeah, some people don’t need a group to lean on. Some people can do it on their own. Hasn’t been my experience.