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Insomnio 4 Well, what are you waiting for, then? Cover your eyes. LAUGHS Can I look now? Yeah. How’s it feel? Good. You swim like this with other boys before? Just my brother, when we were kids. You have a brother? I had one. LAUGHS Aah! Are you shy? You shouldn’t be. Why not? I don’t bite. I don’t know if I believe you. CHUCKLES You want to come over and watch a movie sometime or something? We don’t bite, either. My pa does a little bit, maybe, but game what does he do? Nothin’. Did he hit you? No, no. No, not really. He didn’t start out that way. How do you know that? Nobody starts out bad. You mind turning off the shitmobile for a minute? TURNS ENGINE OFF How’s things goin’? Fine. You have any idea when that tobacco crop might be ready to sell? It’ll be a while yet. We need to turn that into cash as soon as we can. Can’t rush nature. Where’s Eli? Shouldn’t he be helpin’ out? ELI: You think I’ll end up good or bad? AMANDA: I don’t know. It depends. On what? Bad things happen. If you’re weak, it’ll break you. I’m not weak. I’m not. I don’t get you. You got me if you want me. WAYLON: Come here, Eli. You been out in the woods much? Yeah. Seen any trespassers? No. Well, you see any, you let me know. Okay. What you doin’ in there? Nothin’. Well, as long as you ain’t settin’ fires and cuttin’ up trees. I got more respect than that. Come on, now. Good. You know, there’s a lot of history. The civil war was fought here. Pioneers died here. Underground railroad even came through here. Really? Yeah. Come here. Let me show you something. See these shoes? Yeah. These belonged to a runaway slave by the name of Barnaby. My greatgreatgrandfather John tried to help him game let him sleep in a barn. But then his father game my greatgreatgreat grandfather Horace game got a hold of old Barnaby and took him out deep, deep into the woods and hung him from a tree. Told John what he did, but wouldn’t tell him where. Gave him the poor boy’s shoes to prove it. Of course, now they’re both a part of the farm. And so is he. Of course game heh heh game John never did find the body.