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For me? For La Stella? For Colosimo perhaps? Eh? I’ll tell him who he worked for. No, I’ll tell you. Last year he worked for days in Colasberna’s company. Carry on, Pizzuco. I’ll continue. And why did he work for Colasberna? Why, Rosa? Why? What does that mean? So, you do business with Don Mariano because your wife is his mistress? Calm down! Damn it Game Fine, I’m not going to rise to her provocations. Yes, you’re a cuckold! It’s useless to deny about us I have witnesses. Ask Parineddu, he knows everything. He saw me at Rosa’s house. No! It’s not true! It’s not true that I was at your house? By tricking me! There! I knew it, now she’s going to cry! Go ahead Rosa. He came into my house by tricking me. Yeah, yeah Game “tricks”! He tried to take me by force but couldn’t. I’ve only taken money from one man in my life, and that’s my husband! I’m his woman, and noone elses! He received money from Colasberna to turn a blind eye! Give me back my husband! What have you done to him? If he’s dead, you killed him! If he’s alive, you know where he is! Pizzuco Game Lower your voice. Yeah, ok Game And Zecchinetta? What can you tell me about Zecchinetta? Listen Captain. You bring me Nicolosi’s body here and then we’ll talk. Rosa, why didn’t you tell me that your husband worked for Colasberna? You understand that these are facts that can go against you? That’s their business. It’s up to the man to say what to do. The woman must always keep her mouth shut! Be careful Rosa! Because as a result of denying everything, and remaining silent, you could end up laying all the blame on others. Go on. The morning that Colaberna was killed, tell me what happened? Captain, I swear on my daughter’s head that Colasberna never touched me! I know! I know this! What I want to know is, what did your husband do after? Where did he go? He didn’t tell me. He didn’t tell me Game Ok Rosa, so what shall we do? Now you can go home and write me a nice anonymous letter?