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Island Adventures 2 These game these pills game they don’t, they don’t work. Which ones? How can you tell? It says Opadin, you know. That’s supposed to put you into a long sleep. Oh, sleep. It’s Opadin. Nah, man, that’s not what you asked for. What are you talking about? I thought you asked for Zolufen. Zolufen What is that? Yeah. I don’t know. Zolufen? What game what is that? You know, it’s for, like, menopause or something. Menopause! I don’t know. Yeah. Menopause? What game Yeah. Why would I want a menopause medicine? I don’t know. I don’t ask any questions, Richie. Menopause?! Yeah. Oh, you stupid, stupid game You alright? What? Stupid! Menopause? Really? in’ stupid! Hey, are you Margaret’s husband? No. Well game Well, I just wanted to make sure she was okay. Yeah, okay. What’s your, what’s your name? I’m just a friend. She’s my best friend. And you think she’s here? Is that what you think? You know game if you’re really her best friend you know that game she doesn’t have a husband. Even when she was married, she didn’t have a husband. Hey, who are you? Who are you? Hello? Hello? Miss Best Friend! Who are you, Miss Best Friend Person who are you? There was a game blonde woman over here. I bet. Alright, never mind. So she, she hasn’t called yet or anything? No. Is she ever late like this? Never. Well, let’s not get worried, I guess. Maybe game maybe it’s possible that she, I don’t know hung out with some friends after work or got a drink or something. No. Never. It’s not possible? No. It is not possible. She never hangs out with friends. She’s never late. She never allows me to be late. She never drinks. She never smokes, and she never has left someone like you looking after me. Ever. Yeah, well, there’s a first for everything. As soon as she gets home, you can get back to your life. Did you draw this? Yes. Another artist in the family. That’s really good. You know, it reminds me game I draw too. I used to draw these flipbooks when I was younger. You know what flipbooks are? Anyway, I had this cartoon character named Sophia. Sophia