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It is impossible heroes of the project it’s a confidential matter Game what if it gets leaked? You are so cool Sir! Excuse me sir, but how did the government let you go Game How could they retire you, seriously Game It’s a rule, retirement at sixty. It’s a damn useless rule sir. At sixty a guy comes into his own. There’s a job opening in our company, General Manager Research and Analysis, age limit is seventy Game Seventy? Salary, three lakhs Game Teen lakh per annum?! Good Spoken just like a government official. Three lakhs per month sir, per month. Three lakhs rupees per month.. Ya. Your bill sir Thanks Let me.. I insist sir. Sure Game okay Sir you are an unutilised resource of this country Game You are wasting the talent and knowledge of V K Sehgal. Sir, guide youngsters like me, India needs you Sir Game You can win the Padma Shri, the Padma Vibhushan. You could get an Oscar Game I mean you can definitely get Bharat Ratna Game Difficult to get the Arjun Award by merely playing squash sir Game Yes Game I’m not going to sit idle at home Game I get many job offers, many Game I have to take care of something important, then I will think about my job. I’ll think about it. Sorry sir your card has been declined. What Game something must be wrong with your machine, try again Game Sir you must go for it. Sir the machine is fine, the transaction is not being approved. Let me pay, I have my card. No no Sir, I have cash Game No sir, I don’t have cash. No cash Game let me pay, why you creating a scene Game how much, how much is it? Sir, only two thousand rupees more Game I will just withdraw it from the ATM and give it to you. Two thousand Game here it is. Thank you sir. Sir who keeps so much cash nowadays? How can Mayera be the daughter of this terrorist? Always ready to drop a bomb! What? Shit! I don’t know sir Game My credit card is not working Game ATM card is not working Game lam going to bloody change my bank Game What bank is your account in? That means you didn’t get the money? No Game Are you bankrupt? Ha ha Game so funny sir Game what a thing to say Game