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Leave one on the table, with the sound off. No one will call at this time. Carlos Games All right, it’s off. Thank you. You should know there are three basic rules in mediation. First, you must be here willingly. So if anyone feels uncomfortable, they can leave at any time. That includes me. Second, it’s essential to listen. And for that, you must respect each other. You’re here because you have a problem. But the problem isn’t the person beside you. That person is part of the solution, so you must listen to him. And third, I have no stake in this. I support no one. I decide nothing. I only ease communication. I make you think. You are the only ones who can take decisions. Okay? So we’ll be here as long as necessary, until you agree which of you will make that transfer. Agreed? That is where the mediation ends. Is that clear? Yes. Yes. Okay. Did I see a chessboard earlier? Yes. Can you bring it, please? I’ll get it. Each of you will choose a piece from the board. Whichever we want? Yes. As long as you identify with it. Identified how? Personally? In our work? How? As a person, in the firm, as you wish. ing spiritually. Okay. Veronica has the knight, Marcel, the white rook, Carlos, the black rook, and Luis is the bishop. Now I want you to explain, using the figure, what each one does in the firm. Well, I chose the black Games Wait, wait. Talk about what the bishop does. But Luis is the bishop. Exactly. All right. The bishop Games The bishop moves forward. He always wants to move forward. He’s a free spirit. And he’s also our personal genius. He’s our CTO. Chief technical officer. He coordinates the engineering teams. He supervises their work. And a long time ago he invented the products we sell here today. And only he really understands what the we sell. Anyone want to add anything? The bishop himself? He defined him very well. Well, Marcel, can you explain what the black rook does? The black rook? The black rook is always close to the bishop. He protects him, and he tells him when he has to move forward. Well, the clients set the move.