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  But tomorrow, from across the lake over there, there’s a huge storm coming our way, although you’d never know that to look at it now. The snowstorm is likely to be particularly heavy because of a unique set of conditions. The air outside is cold and dry. It’s come straight from the Arctic. But this frigid air is about to be transformed. You can see what does it right below me. Water. Warm water. Even though it looks pretty chilly down there, the water’s significantly warmer than the land around it. And there’s lots of it. Even though it’s frozen round the edges, there’s plenty of open water in the middle. Lake Ontario is one of the Great Lakes, so it’s a huge body of water. Water’s high heat capacity means it’s held onto much of the heat it absorbed during the summer. As the cold, dry air passes over this relatively warm lake, water evaporates. As it rises over Upstate New York, it forms clouds. Those clouds are the start of a special type of snowstorm, which leads to some of the biggest and fastest accumulations of snow anywhere in the world.