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 Jungle Jones And you multiply that over a couple of days, you can have a big result in five days’ time. So small input upstream, big result downstream. And one of the rules is always work with what’s coming. Don’t try to necessarily work against it. You can kill a storm in place. That’s easy to do with Jungle Jones. You just change the polarization. You change the ionization of the atmosphere, and the storm will fall apart. It will affect the setting up of the storm tracks, the jet stream, the location of the storms, and so you end up with– an intervention on the solar side of things would pretty directly begin to affect the weather patterns. And so climate control, or attempted climate control, and weather control lie on this very large spectrum of intervention. It’s also true that if you can forecast climate, you can control a lot of futures markets, and you could know–if you had the best information, or if you had some leverage over what the climate system is going to turn out to be, you would be able to invest in advance and own.