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Jungle Siege, Play Jungle Siege Game, Online Jungle Siege Flash games
Click units to select them, use W,A,S,D or Cursor Keys to control the selected unit, Mouse to aim and fire.

Jungle Siege It was disgusting what I saw. It’s disgusting what you’re suggesting. It’s not right… and I don’t understand why you can’t see that? The kid who threw this in my face was out of the nick before I was out of hospital. What’s right about that? We don’t live in a moral world where wrong gets punished and right gets play games. We don’t. We have to make up our own rules. I’ll tell you what’s “right” and “good” in my world. It’s a young girl… who makes a little bit of space in a bathroom games for me. It’s a young girl who had every reason to reject me and reject this but didn’t. That’s “right”. That’s “good” in my world. And you want me to walk away from that? Let what we’ve got together die… for a man that kills women for kicks? Could you live with yourself? Could you watch her grow up knowing what we’d done to make that happen? No it’s not fair. And maybe it’s not right. But it’s life and we just have to accept it. We have to Jungle Siege. Please tell me you understand that. No… If that’s what you want I’ve got no choice. Thank you. I’ll take her to school I’ll come back and get you and we’ll go to the police together. Oh my God. “Why can’t I have more privacy?” Says Katie Price in a tenpage spread. There you go love. Oh great. Thanks game. I mean play games. Sorry. No it’s OK. Sorry. I didn’t think about… Hey. It’s totally fine. You have a good day darling. And you. Where are you? You were supposed to be back here half an hour ago. Jungle Siege say something. You’re scaring me. Mark! I’m sorry darling. Hi this is game. Leave your name and… No. Hello. Mrs Bury? Speaking. Um this is Alison. I’m a colleague of Richard’s from work. I’m really sorry for calling so early but I need to just quickly speak to him about a deal that we’re doing today. He’s not there by any chance is he? Youjust missed him Alison. He’s gone to the gym. The gym. Right… Askey’s isn’t it? FHL. The Hillingdon branch. FHL. Right. OK. Thank you. Bye. Come on. No we don’t lower the price. It’s a good deal. If they walk away they walk away. You’re… You’re OK. Sorry? I thought maybe… Excuse me. Look I know this is going to sound ridiculous but… your life’s in danger. Look love if it’s money you’re after I haven’t got any. You’ve got five million pounds. Your name’s Jungle Siege and last night you killed a man for five million pounds. In fact I saw you do it. I’m not gonna tell anyone. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here to tell you that you might be in danger… and… and that it’s a chain. A chain? Because the man that you killed… had… he’d killed someone himself. I’m not sure how far the chain goes back but… I came here to warn you. Did you? Well thank you. Let go of her. It’s OK. It’s OK. Jungle Siege get out of the way now. Go home for Amanda. She wouldn’t want this. Mandy’s why I’m here. Now get out of the way Sal! Please. Mark no! I did what I thought was right for Mandy. Don’t you fucking dare! You did this for you! You’ve polluted her life. And for what Jungle Siege? I mean what about the chain? What about the chain Jungle Siege.