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I don’t understand what’s happening. I know. But I have to go away now. You said that losing my hands didn’t have to be the end. That it could be a beginning. Yeah. Because there are other ways to save lives. A harder way. A weirder way. Doctor Palmer to the ER, please. Doctor Palmer to the ER. I don’t want you to go. Stop. Choose your weapon wisely. No one steps foot in this Sanctum. No one. Kaecilius. You’re on the wrong side of history, Wong. She’s dead. You were right. She wasn’t who I thought she was. She was complicated. Complicated? The Dark Dimension is volatile. Dangerous. What if it overtook her? What if it overtook her? She taught us it was forbidden, while she drew on its power to steal centuries of life. She did what she thought was right. The bill comes due. Don’t you see? Her transgressions led the Zealots to Dormammu. Kaecilius was her fault. And here we are, in the consequence of her deception. A world on fire. Mordo, the London Sanctum has fallen. The New York one has been attacked twice.