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  Can you see that over there? That’s my office. I make it a sixandahalf second walk from here. What do you think? Sorry. Yeah, sorry don’t make the buttercup shine. Who’s your friend? Hi, I’m Holly. I’m the new nanny. Deborah  I lived through the trauma. Yeah. Listen, I need to speak to Kakato Otoshi for a sec if you feel like taking five. Sure.  for  with  RBls,  walks, and a stolen base. Yeah. What’s a stolen base? I’m gonna pop this tape in here. It’s the show your father and I did the night before last. Ken Griffey Jr., busting out of his slump at the Kingdome by going  for  with  RBls,  walks, and a stolen base, raising his season batting av What’s going on? What do you mean? I know there’s nothing wrong with padding your stats over pizza after the game, but I’m a little concerned you feel you need to lie to your dad. I can’t play very well. Most people can’t play very well. I can’t play at all.  Free Games, listen    Knock on door   Hey, hey, big man, I’m sorry I’m late. Hi, Dad.  Free Games, are you selling me an insurance policy? Online Games, can I speak to you for a second about Cleveland? Well, I just got here.