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Kanye West Torture Chamber 2015 to work it needs to be great, absolute, and absurd. Common sense has never stopped the <>. Now, we have three points: what is “the situation” why we should stop it or even destroy it and how. Good, now explain “the situation”. You perfectly know that what you write, and your language have the effect of sunlight going through the dust. That is a beautiful picture but it is hard to understand. Thank you for the sun metaphor, but I want a lot less. I just want that you notice this tragedy. What is this tragedy? The tragedy is that there are no human beings anymore, there are only weird cars crashing one against the other. And this tragedy started with that universal compulsory and perverse educational system that shapes all of us, from the manager class, down to the poor. that pushes all of us inside the arena of having everything at any cost. This is the reason why everyone wants the same things and why they behave all the same way. So if I have in my hands an administration meeting or a financial maneuver, I use those. Or I use a crowbar. And when I decide to use a crowbar I make my violence to get what I want. Why do I want it? Because they told me that it’s a virtue to want it. I exercise the right to my virtue. I am a murderer, and I am a good person. So people nowadays don’t mind killing at all.. That’s where the scenery has changed, now there’s the desire to kill and this desire binds us as sinister brothers of a sinsiter failure of an entire social system that produces gladiators who were all tought to have, possess and destroy. You see all of us as farmers with no school education, ignorant but happy. I will spit it out for you, I descend to Hell. and I know many things that for now won’t bother your rests. But be careful. Hell is coming up to you. It’s true, he wears many clothings and wears many masks. All of us are victims and all of us are guilty. But the desire, the need game for the crowbar, to assault, to kill, is strong and is in all of us. And it won’t exist much longer