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Are you kidding me? I might need to get a new job. As do I. You could be a good teacher. Yeah? Yeah. You’d have little boys giving you apples and flirting with you. Oh, come on. I think you’d be a good janitor. I would be a good janitor. I’m really good at cleaning. Not really. Are we gonna work at the same school? If it’s in Hawaii. I’m down with that. I need to be warm. Ah. I love being warm. I like cuddling. You know, you’re a man. You’re not supposed to admit that, right? It’s ual. There’s touching involved. Spooning. It’s fu games What? you. You wish. Do you like making out? The games Ah. Ah! God dammit! Come on. Help me, help me. Help me flip this. Stop. Stop, stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. It’s dead! It’s dead! It’s dead. Are you okay? Look at me. Are you okay? Come on. Whoa! Whoa! Ah. We need to go. Uh! Go, go, go, go. No! No. No! No! No! Oh, you got a little something there, huh? Wake up. There you go. How you doing? Somebody’s got an ouchie. No! Got to have you strong and healthy. I wanna get that out. Ouchie. Ah! Mother’s been waiting for you. We’ve all been waiting for you. Look at her. Look at her. She wants you. She picked you. Sydney, ing games You’re gonna be my new daddy. Sydney, ing stop it! Please, please stop it. Stop and think for yourself, man. She’s ing using you. I know you can ing hear me. Just listen, just stop, please. Seriously, I need your help. Ah! Mother wants you. your mom, Sydney. Everything’s gonna be alright. Come on, now. Come on. Ah! you! you! Ah! Ah! Back off! Come on. You . Ah! What you gonna do now, you old ? What are you gonna do now? Come on. Get up. Come on. Are you okay to drive? I think so. The whole ing nest is coming. Good. Oh, come on! Go, go, go. Ah! Are you alright? Fine. What? I’m okay. Holy ing shit! That’s one way to do it. Get out of the car. No. Get out of the ing car! you! Alright. Here we go! Alright. Julia, are you okay? Julia? Julia? Julia! ! Julia! Julia, wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Wake up! We ing made it out! You’re not gonna die!