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  Kawairun 2 Apart from being frightened of the birds and feathers, my biggest fear is something happening to my daughter because of me. Clinical psychologists believe that there’s only one way phobias like Game’s can be cured. There are no miracle cures. In the end, what you’ve got to do is you have to work through the problem. You’re not going to be able to avoid your way out of a phobia. And a lot of therapies on the market are offering just that. You can avoid as a way of getting rid of your phobia, it’s obviously nonsense. I want to know why? Not everybody’s frightened of feathers. Where has it come from? Why isn’t my sister frightened of feathers? Why is it me? Feeling fear about something as beautiful as a bird or its feathers might seem hard to understand, because neither are dangerous. But the potential for certain phobias seems to be hard wired into our brains. A fear of snakes is very easy to trigger. However, feathers and birds are not inherently dangerous. Game’s and many other phobias are almost certainly a conditioned response to a traumatic event in childhood. The fact that people can be made phobic was rather cruelly proven in the s. At the start of this experiment little Albert was clearly not afraid of animals. But then he’s deliberately frightened with masks and loud noises. Soon he learns to associate fear with animals, soon he’s terrified of them. People with phobias try to avoid the object or situation of fear. When your phobia is public places, avoidance isn’t that easy. Carmine Mattioli has been agoraphobic since he was . He hates being more than  miles away from home, and unlike Jacqueline Kelly, he can pinpoint when and why his phobia began. First time I remember being anxious, the worst anxiety attack I had, I had a house, I had a wife, I had a daughter, and I just woke up and realized I had all this responsibility. Kawairun 2 I look back at it now and I think that’s exactly what started it off. Agoraphobia is one of the commonest phobias. It’s a fear of fear itself. A fear of having a panic attack in public. This has meant taking holidays was almost impossible for Carmine and caused problems with his family. We want to go on holiday, but deep down inside as it got closer and closer to going on holiday, I would feel like I was going to my doom. What if I don’t feel good? What if I want to go home? What if I get struck in traffic? And then we would get to our destination. As soon as she would unpack my bag I would say to her I want to go home, I don’t feel good, I want to go home. Joanne Vice also used to be phobic. She was housebound for  years, but now works as a phobia aid. Using a form of behaviour therapy she’s hoping she can help Carmine overcome his fear. But she knows from personal experience agoraphobic can be very tricky. Sometimes I could be waiting for them and they just don’t show up. Kawairun 2 And I will make a phone call and I’ll hear every excuse that you can possibly think of, and some that you wouldn’t believe. But I used to use them myself, so I’m on to everyone. Manhattan is the scariest place for most phobics. Especially if you’re agoraphobic.