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Kawairun 2, Kawairun 2 Game , Play Kawairun 2 Games , Kawairun 2 Mutli, Kawairun 2 Hack    I’ll keep my eyes on you Eric Paroissien English Subtitles, paroissien.com. Now comes the race for firstyear students All right, firstyear students all come here. Ready? Set.  run. . Games is next. Good luck Games , , ,. But then Why did you guys come here? I’m a friend of your brother’s. Right. All right, support him well , , ,Do your best, guys Everyone stop Do your best teacher Yoshinaga You practiced much, so you can feel confident. Run fast till the finish line In position. Ready. It’s him Games, do your best Relax and run Games, do your best In position. Ready. Go for it, Games go Do our best! Yes, go Good luck Games I’m sorry I’m fine. I’m fine. I’ll hang on Because if I don’t. You won’t be able to go to Heaven in peace You’re OK? I’m fine. I’ll run on my own A little more! Hang on Just a little more! Go for it Hang on Go for it A little more Goal He did it You did great. Amazing. Games you were fantastic Great, Games Games you’re so cool You were really great. You were amazing He fell and got back on