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Kick Ass Homer press the climate change at the end of the last ice age was much more abrupt. and that may have played a key role. and the restructuring of the ecosystem. one recently suggests the reason for this abrupt change. a comet may have exploded over north america ten thousand years ago. triggering catastrophic extinction event. and the fossil record my support or rapid change. Kick Ass Homer thousands of dire wolf keith and found a deliberate targets. these achieve that are more robust in size and shape than those of the great. wall. the stronger chief means of dire wolf likely adapted reading bones more often. in lean times when food was scarce. they would naturally be chewing on more and more bones to survive. and the more chilling oppose their lives. the more cracking of teeth there should be. the kinds of bones of the star was raining where cal bones and up there are. a very large bones that. quite obit of bite force and sounding like and up. cracking a tooth in the process. it’s not hard to find a crap shoot. or for that matter hundreds of broken teeth among the lab rare fossils. they suggest the wolves were chewing on bones. but they don’t shed much light on the extension episode itself. teddy’s until we place them on a timeline. revealing pattern emerges. careful analysis. shows walls were breaking your teeth much more often fifteen thousand years. ago. and they did three thousand years later. this is surprising. if the change in client has fallen off the dime display. then we should see more and more bone crunching emptied cracking. as time goes on. but the results from the chief studies show just the opposite. Kick Ass Homer that the prey animals were plentiful. until the very end. these results support the idea that the demise of the guys. gradual at all biking sudden. three senate evidence seems to suggest. based on dating out that last occurrence of these very. sixteenth metafile. that it did happen. fairly quickly. maybe in a matter of hundreds of years many of our seniors. frozen years his assurance period of time for catastrophic extension to occur. and cannot be explained by climactic change alone.