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Bipolar. He’s manic depressive. THURGOOD: I have an uncle with that. He also lives like a pig. Hey! That’s cool. TRAMPOLINE SQUEAKS No more bets. BLADE RINGS Cinnamon toast and tea? Yes, please! Mmm. Mmm, mmm. Mmm. . CAM: Would anyone like to learn how to make chocolate truffles from scratch? Me! UPLIFTING MUSIC YELLS Balls! Yah! BOTH YELL You know, you and Daddy could go out sometime. We don’t need a babysitter. We used to get scared. But we’re not scared anymore. You’ve gotten so old. I don’t think I’m black. Of course you’re black. But I look white. You’re black, sweetie. Faith looks black. I look like Daddy. That’s because you’re a mix of both of us. Nobody thinks I’m black when I tell them. Amelia, you’re black. Your mother is black. So you’re black. If it makes you feel better, I’ll tell people I’m black. Even if they think I’m delusional. That’s ridiculous. Of course she’s black. Her mother’s black. She’s being feisty. The girls seem good, right? No kidding. Last week, Amelia kicked the crap out of the school bully. She kicked him so hard in the knee, she put him on crutches. Wow! I was quite proud. Oh! You seem good. So do you, Maggie. Well, what do you know? I’ll be better when I get a job and I come back here. Thank you. Thank you so much for making this possible. Stop sleeping on the sofa and spend the night with me in a bed. No. I can’t go in your room, Cam. Why not? Oh! It’s beyond belief. You game Cam, you have three bicycles in there. That’s your reason? Yes! You have cans of paint thinner. Last time I went in there, I came out and I had motor oil all over my pants. Cam, it’s ridiculous. Then I’ll clean it! That would be really nice. It might make it more inviting. You never said anything about this to me before. I’m done nagging you about your room. You’re a grown man. And you don’t find my room inviting? LAUGHS No! Not me or anyone else. I’m pretty sure not even you. Oh, definitely not me. That’s it. I’ll clean it. Two days tops. You’ll see. It’ll be a thing of beauty. OK. We’ll see. And till then?