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So do something. Mr. Hadley? Yes. My condolences, sir. Mmhmm. I’m telling you, you’ve got to do what I do, right? I post them all around campus for my classes, make them up myself, kind of a comic book thing. It’s embarrassing. My classes are full to the brim. Yours are game Dr. Rhodes. I didn’t know you had a visitor. May I see you in my office right now? Dean Messer, you deign to walk among us mere mortals? Go yourself, Fletcher. Have fun. I’m disappointed to do this, but this is a formal warning. I don’t understand. Well, understand this. I have received a report that you have been seen in private with a student in your department and that you are involved. That’s all I know and that’s all I want to know, but if I find out anything definitive, I will terminate you immediately. So I suggest whatever’s going on, you put an end to it. In this day and age, even the scent of impropriety between a faculty member and a student, it jeopardizes all of us and the prestige of this university. Do I make myself clear? Yes, ma’am. May I go? You may go. She was the secretary at his construction office. She actually cares that he’s gone. I’m here, Val. Okay? Why are you asking me? Because you’re my friend. I’m not your friend, Ben. We ed and we don’t even do that anymore. What does that mean? I’ve been preoccupied, okay? With Anna, with Hadley, with trying to do my job, trying to make a future here, maybe find some peace of mind. And ing keeps you from doing that. I just thought you might have something to contribute, you know, some piece of advice, primarily what to do about Hadley. Do nothing. He ratted me out to the Dean and you know he’s not going to stop there. He didn’t rat you out, Ben. I did. I mean, I didn’t think she’d go all formal with it. I thought you didn’t give a shit who I see, what I do. You’re so ing liberated! You came and got me that day, with Anna in the workout room. Because that day, it was the right thing to do. Ah! ing Judas! Because I do give a shit, goddamn it. I care about you. You care about me?