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 King of Assassin 3 and of the upper level collagen sticking up recurring like this one. piece right here. pull down on the air. crusade to be amusing. matter just to go ahead and. trim that off. because these little recurring spot sometimes add to the with dinner. played a role super to parents would just go ahead. King of Assassin 3 missus will pull it out now. we’ll get rid of those now that a lawyer write down against the stuff. starts a little bit more put the double book back in. on clicking at the uh…. level crew. now we’re going to show you the comparison here. hold them after took this head up a little bit. difference between one side that has been trend. and the other side that has not. i want to do off cameras and. just in the interest of time isabella go ahead and take a year. fifteen blade make incisions. down here. and equalize these too. lateral crew so that they look exactly the same. i want to show you now is that. e kind of vertical beer here on the bell mort. gross little sliver was i took office very. very tiny. all of them. equalize the support margins of the two. plateau cruising seems dumb serve really in our old. and this particular. approach when you’re going to open. will allow you to go ahead and look at these things directly there’s little. imperfections are little knob juwan oxides. and go ahead and do that. if there’s any fire if eddie tissue sitting between the dumb she didn’t get. to that very easily. take that out do any manipulation like on the dumb to go ahead and. narrow this war changed the angle. right here. over projecting noses you may want to take care actually cut through the. dharma reconstituted with sutures together. a better angle as well but. this is what the. the open approach does for israel. i’ll should look at things pretty much room cried as they are. anatomically. what we’ve done here is gone and closed up the mark harvey. press called my incision. we’re about to do the lateral osteotomy esta narrow the open roof too far remote. sir. there many different types of also comes from the use for the cisco tonight bird. aussie tom has a rather thick played. no but on the m so you can feel it under the skin. and it has a very thin handle. which. this to me is a little bit of a problem with the sauce to come to sometimes it’s. hard to turn. and when you need to. there’s a little different design are sick on with uh…. deep. that’s called a park sauce to come. similar design with a little love them so you can feel it under the skin as. your. tracking this thing up towards the internal campus sir. has a much nicer handle on the into. so that you can uh… King of Assassin 3 grassroots thing. you this way. or that way depending on where you are in. which side. some people like to use non guarded osti toms. no no button on this is a mo burg us to come. mice handle. basically be used. more in a manner of of a postage stamp corporation all the way up it’s a three. millimeter blade. has some people like to do what they call my crossed governments with this. because it. causes less trauma. juan i use is. one that i’ve designed let’s say. pass it on the kind of has some of those so more features. as a much smaller blade at the working and which allows you to go through bone. King of Assassin 3 very easily when you have to make the terms. required to do our share of it does have a. will go out on the tip because i do like that. underneath the skin. so what we’ve been. we’re going to do here is to take. paid-up nasal speculum i’ve already done this. place it. towards the pure form around. King of Assassin 3 and then using a fifteen blade. right here is we are slate perform room right there and then make a stab. incision right in here. King of Assassin 3 ride down on the level aspect the monica feel with your blade. right in there. pullout. and then i used to aid. joe’s of. all of it ur. and this will be placed in that little stab incision we’ve just made. up against. the lateral performer i’m right here. scraping. remake of small decrease creek tunnel. goes all the way up. my fingers nami. new campus here in the right up to recovery tiny tunnel. and socially will do the same thing on the other side here. paula jones forgive your way a little bit.