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The house had become a living thing, wet inside from so many people sweating and breathing. We are all from the same compost. So many people moving, the house moved. Planet Tyler. I had to hug the walls. Trapped inside this clock work of space monkeys. You can’t be smoking in here. do you know how much ether we have in this ing house? Cooking, working, and sleeping in teams. Hang on a second. It’s under control, sir. Where is Tyler? Sir, the first rule of Project Mayhem is you do not- Right, uh game OK. I’m all alone. My father dumped me. Tyler dumped me. I am Jack’s broken heart. What comes next in Project Mayhem, only Tyler knows. The second rule is you do not ask questions. Get the away from me. Get the away from me! Who are all these people? Paper Street Soap Company. Can I come in? He’s not here. What? Tyler isn’t here. Tyler went away. Tyler’s gone. Lay him down! Gunshot wounds comin’ through! Clear some ing room! What happened?! What happened?! We were on assignment. We were supposed to kill birds with one stone. Destroy a piece of corporate art game Operation Latte Thunder, go. and trash a franchise coffee bar. We had it all worked out, sir. It went smooth until game Police! Freeze! Until what? They shot Bob. They shot him in the head. Those in’ pigs! Ohh! Ohh! Oh, God. Son of a- Those mother ers! You morons. You’re running around in ski masks, trying to blow things up. What did you think was gonna happen?! OK, quick, we gotta get rid of the evidence. We gotta get rid of this body! Bury him. What? Take him to the garden and bury him. Come on, people! Let’s go! Hey, get the of f!. Get away from him! What are you talking about? This isn’t a ing piece of evidence, this is a person! He’s a friend of mine, and you’re not gonna bury him in the ing garden. He was killed serving Project Mayhem, sir. This is Bob. But sir, in-in Project Mayhem we have no names. No, you listen to me. This is a man, and he has a name. And it’s Robert Paulson, OK? Robert Paulson? He’s a man and he’s dead now because