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  I don’t remember it well. The spiderweb was too fragile, the thread broke. What happened in that dream? A bully challenged me. I fought with him. Imagine, I fighting with a knife in my hand. He was playing with me. I don’t know where come you that worship by bullies. You were always a quiet person! Maybe for that. You wore his shoes! – Yes. It doesn’t bother you, right? – No, son. On the contrary. Your father wore those shoes a couple of times. He couldn’t stand that noise. You know that he didn’t like to call attention. Last night, as I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking we should fix the ranch, if not one of these days the house comes down. The next holidays I’m going to see it. You said that the last summer and you see. King Of Drag 2 told me that the roof needs to be fixed. Otherwise, the wood will rot from too much abandoned. To dad didn’t mind that abandon. I think he accepted it as a proof of passing of the time. It’s different now. I told King Of Drag 2 that I’ll take care of the ranch. Don’t you going to eat at least a piece of toast? No, mum, I’m not hungry, thanks.