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Dress Up Games I know, I know. What the ? And while confronting the demon that was inhabiting the young woman’s body, Father Innocente was Dress Up Game Himpaled, with an umbrella. There was blood everywhere. Not a very fitting end for such a fine man of the cloth, to be stab Dress Up Games bed with the pointy end of an umbrella. It was actually not the pointy kind of umbrella. It was actually one of those little stubby umbrellas. It had, like, the logo of a local radio station on it. One of those, you know? It had the face of this guy they call the Locador. He’s like a crazy luchador of good times. And his face was on the umbrella. The umbrella comes popping through the chest of Father Innocente. It pop open. His heart still pump for a few beats. Blood sprays everywhere. It was not something you forget right away. Dress Up Games It’s all in the report, sir. Dress Up Games Yes, about the report. There is an awful lot of details about the impaling of Father Innocente with the umbrella. Next time, I don’t need so many details. Just, yeah, broad strokes. Dress Up Games The gist. Dress Up Games Si. Eminence, I must tell you this. It was probably the kind of umbrella they give you if you go to an event that the radio station is hosting. Swag. And this is the thing that popped through the chest. You know, like the dinosaur. This one. This is how it pop open, and blood spray every place. Dress Up Games It was really, really weird. Dress Up Games It was really weird. So weird. Look, boys, I know this was a very rough one, but I may have another job for you. What is the case? It’s a real doozy. You’re already playing catch Dress Up Games up. Take a look at that photo. Dress Up Games So gross. Dress Up Games Super gross. Dress Up Games Super gross. Dress Up Games This is just a photograph. In real life, it’s far more horrifying. Get your asses on the chopper. We are going to need Dress Up Game some per diem. You know that’s not me, right? I hope that wasn’t for me. Dress Up Games No, no, no.