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Come in and have dinner! You can go now. Yes, ma’am. Good bye. I’ll not let him go if I catch him. Miss… Have you seen anyone suspicious around? I guess not. See you. How did someone find out there’s money in the house? Honey! Yeah? Her money is gone? She says that . million won vanished from her cupboard. The cupboard? Didn’t you lend . million won to the neighbor’s son? You took it out of your cupboard. That’s right. Old age is making you forgetful! Stop it. Case solved! Oh, dear… What are you doing? Huh? Well… I have an insect bite. I see. There are a lot of insects here. What are you doing? You scared me! Why are you so surprised? Let’s have a word inside. Just do it here. You shouldn’t use birthdays as your bankbook passcode. Mine is the day Hye-ji disappeared. Hye-ji might figure it out, so change it. So what if Hye-ji knows? Well, I just saw… What? Never mind. Tell me! From now on, make a record of all money transactions! And stop saying yes to every single favor. Fine. I’m leaving. Bye. Give me one.