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Kingdom Treasure hunter Yeah, it was me. What a shame to die out here in a place like this and in blight of a great career You are stupid enough to become a general. And don’t you worry about it. You just live long enough to see it. He’s¸ taking off! He just may be trying to draw them off, Captain. What a man ! Bueno amigo Games Bueno. No! Let him burn! Let him burn! If you don’t like what they do, don’t make it right. You have killed him? No. He will be all right. I’ll get some water. No. there’s no time for that. Two of those Apaches got away. You! You tie him up and put him on his horse. Si, Capitane. The captain thought it was better until you came back to yourself again. Who hit me? You were clear out of your head All right. No more problems. Captain! He stays tied! Well, Captain. I’ve got a bottle in my saddle bag. Do you mind? Give him his bottle. Amigo, how do you feel, heh? Untie me and I’ll feel better. Oh I can not break the rules Games You heard the capitaine. Maybe you can help you hold the bottle. Rodriguez ! Come here Hey, you save me some, heh? I do not know what this man wants in this rain. Ask her if there is anything more we can do for the baby. The baby is dead. Well do you think she knows it? She knows. A chant for their own dead. I think she will let you have the baby now. Maybe she’ll tell us now. What? Ask her where the trade is going to take place Even if she knows, she would never say. Tell her we know about the guns, new Medicine, her people are going to be given. Tell her. Tell her that we had come here so we can keep her people from getting those guns. Not because I want my people to be stronger in war than yours. We want no war. None more babies Games our peoples or your peoples shall ever die like this one day. When we found her, she said three suns. There is still time if the trade of place is not too far. Ask her.Ask her if she would lead us there. Will you lead us there? Rodriguez is gone. Has he now? He took one of the repeaters too. Well, you don’t look very surprised. Which way did he head? Wich way would you think he was heading?