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I’ve been trying to reopen doors and you’ve shut them. Personally, I have been place in an invidious position. I have no alternative but to offer my resignation. And since I haven’t the faintest idea how to manage this that you have created Game I would like that resignation to have an immediate effect. Well Patrick, you’ve been a rock. What will you do? Get a new rock. Hello? Yes, tell me what you thought. I see. Sonya, so what do you think? I’ll call you back later. Everyone thinks I screwed up. I had to hit back. Hitting back is a short term tactic, what was your strategy? I don’t think I do strategy. If your intention was to avoid a divorce, you’ve achieved the opposite. My parents divorced. I made a vow to myself never put my children through the same thing. So why would you do something so drastic? My boys need to see me happy. It’s time. I have to move on. So you didn’t screw up. Because now you’ll be free. Here, cover yourself with this blanket. And lie down in the back. That way the security guards don’t know more about my life than I do. You’ve done this before? Mind your own business. Suspension’s very low. Explosive device? Nah, too bulky. Looking about kilos there. That’ll be a Pakistani heart surgeon then. I think we fooled them. Were you alright in there? Breathing was impossible. Come on, that’s just a detail. I love feeling your hand there. That day when I fist saw you. So powerful. Don’t think I’ve been so strucked by someone. What do you mean? It’s like Game Nothing could distract you. You’re just doing your job without any sense of self. I’m a doctor. Yes, I know but Game I can see how much love you put into it. Love is a garden. If you can’t smell the fragrance, don’t come into the garden of love. Who said that? Games Rumi. Persian poet. th century. Garden of love. I like that. One year later. What happened here? She stepped on a mine. She was pregnant. Did she lose the baby? Yes. Cause of that problem. She’s Alena. How old is she? Seven.