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  Oh my god. I want to move because I’m not just backing out of it from my point of view it’s my back. Bee Keeper’s back gets us all in the end. Kind of these avoidance tricks yeah? We know them. No it was my back was starting to crumble. No it was. I’m not happy doing that I admit that but… Yeah that’s what they all say. I bet you don’t have many bloody friends. Phew! Hello Amy Swales speaking. Hello Amy Swails how are you? Fine thanks Dad. How are you doing? Fine. Today right? Mm. I had a talk with this bloke and he’s taken me up a big church steeple thing. Right. Yeah? Mm.  foot up. What! What! Exactly.  feet? It is quite an achievement but tomorrow Trevor will have to face something far worse. Fear of heights is one of the top  most common Games and it’s not just confined to humans. Yogi’s quality of life is really compromised by his phobia. Yeah dog-dog-dog-dog. Yeah dog-dog-dog-dog. Come on come on you can do it. Yogi is a Wheaton Terrier who just like Trevor is terrified of heights. His owner Susan would love to see him get better. Whoa! I would love to have him be able to sit by my side out you know looking over the mountains. But he just freaks out every time I try to get him near it. Yogi’s phobia is going to be treated by San Diego animal behaviourist Dr. Dennis Fetko AKA Doctor Dog. Dr. Fetko has his own radio show where callers can phone in with their problems. And we go back to the phones right now. Susan in Del Serro is up next with Doctor Dog. Hello Susan? What’s your problem Susan? Well it’s not my problem it’s my dog’s problem. Unfortunately it becomes yours alright? Okay then put the dog on Susan. Susan Becker is meeting Doctor Dog at the spot where Yogi has been most phobic. A building with open staircases and pedestrian crossings. Thank you for coming up here to meet with us. Dr. Fetko uses behavioural therapy and not only with his canine clients he strongly believes that changing the owners behaviour is just as important. When I the dog exhibit a phobic response you come to calm me down comfort me and I may very likely think you are rewarding my fear response. So my fear gets stronger because it is lavishly reinforced by the people whom mean the most to me. So not only can owners inadvertently contribute to the beginning of a trauma they can absolutely reinforce it from then on and the phobia gets stronger and stronger because they’re rewarding the fear. We’re going to sneak up on that icky thing. Whenever he avoids the edge I ignore him. He gets a lot of praise when he voluntarily comes toward the edge. Most people would do just the opposite especially when it’s their dog and they’re emotionally involved. When he avoids it you go give a lot of comfort inadvertently reinforcing his avoidance. We’re going to reinforce all that good behaviour all that brave boy. That big brave boy. Come on big brave boy. Let’s go. Susan is told only to praise Yogi when he shows no signs of fear. If she comforts him when he’s afraid that will just reinforce his phobia. What a good dog. What a good dog! Take him to the wall now give him a little break.