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The man who did the garden thought she sounded Swedish. Have they cleared the jungle? Yeah. It’s great. I mean, it’s a Games It’s a bit Games A bit what? She’s being all V&A about it. It’s not that it’s ugly, it’s just really determined to be a garden. Oh, you snob! l’m just saying. L’m giving up next week. You don’t need to give up. Well, I am. I’m not like Abi. I don’t enjoy ordering you around. I know. Maybe you’d rather I did. Maybe you need a little instruction. Why do you think I left her? She does slightly treat me like a patient. Oh, yes. Oh, yes! me! Yes. Well, it should have arrived. Yes. Yellow. Yes, please do. Hi! Hi. I saw you in the garden. I’m Games I’m from upstairs. Oh, my God! I know. How many weeks? Eighteen. Twenty one. You must have just arrived. Yeah. Erm, last night. L’m Theresa. Kate. Would you like a herbal tea? Erm, lwasjust going out. Oh, me too. Swimming. You want to come? It’s a private club, but I can take a guest. I really should do some chores. Please come. I’m so happy you came. Swimming’s so bloody boring on one’s own. Don’t you like it? Not really, to be honest. But it’s very good for pregnancy. We read it in a magazine. ls yours kicking? I don’t think so. I can always feel him after swimming. Him? He’s going to be called Peter. After Jon’s father. But you mustn’t say I said. I’m not supposed to tell anyone. What are you looking at? I’m sorry. I’m always watching people. I suppose it’s myjob. You’re happier on the outside looking in. Probably. Do you work? Me? I never want to work again. Oh, ! I have to go. I’m meeting Jon for lunch. Sure. Thanks for knocking. I didn’t. No. That’s right. You didn’t, did you? Let’s do this again, huh? We found this killer image forthe cover. What do you think? I’m sorry, hold on. Hey, is everything OK? Yeah, it’s fine. OK. Ijust wanted to call you. Good. Good. Erm, sorry. Just hold on one second. ls she definitely Ugandan? Yeah, I think so. Well, she either is or she isn’t, Phil. Er, listen, I don’t have that much to do here today. So Games I thought