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King’s Game 2   but the temperature can still drop to minus  degrees and winds of  miles an hour roar across the ice. All his mother can do is try to shelter him with her own body. Trust that she can keep her infant alive. So why has she chosen here, of all places, to have her pup? It’s because here, they’re safe from their enemies. In the middle of this vast frozen sea, no predator can reach her or her baby. (barking) but there’s no food here. So the mother keeps this ice hole open, the only route to her hunting ground. And it must become his hunting ground, too. She has to persuade him into the water. He’s not keen. And who can blame him? but he soon discovers this is where he was born to be. King’s Game 2 Now, life’s adventure can begin. Wherever you look in the world, so much of growing up depends on the skill and determination of your parents. These snow monkeys live in a volcanic mountain range in the cold North. They have wonderfully thick furry coats, but they still feel the cold. And the winter here is hard on the little ones. Some snow monkeys have discovered there is a better way. Steamy hot thermal springs. These resourceful mothers bring their babies here to escape the worst of the winter in a long warm bath. In here, the water is a delightful  degrees. So why aren’t all the monkeys in the pool? Well, it’s a privilege which is jealously guarded. (screaming) Inside the pool, a royal family. A queen and a ruling dynasty of snow monkeys. Outside the pool everyone else. (monkeys screaming) The youngest princess can luxuriate because she has an extended family determined to give her the best in life. King’s Game 2 Not everyone has the advantage of such a supportive family. Some have to depend on a dedicated single mother. And here she is. A strawberry poison arrow frog no bigger than your fingernail. She’s laid her eggs on the forest floor. For most frog mothers that would be the job done. but her maternal instinct is so strong she guards them until they’ve hatched, and then she moves her tadpoles out of danger.