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Kings of war Isabel ! Give something nice to this hombre to eat, huh? Do you want something else, senor? No I do not wish to sell such fine things for a plate of beans. We will serve you up stairs, senor. Anita ! Una momento! Pronto! Take a shot of tequila. Go on! It would be a pleasure to be your guest Game Games if I did not have to find this Pardee. Pardee? Si. It seems to me I’ve something about such a man . Wait. Si. I wait. You were right. There is such a man. But on a night like thist, it will gonna take some time to find him Oh I’ll wait. Upstaris. Make yourself comfortable. Pusti! He chose me ! How? I saw him first. I am beautiful. Thin. It cow. Skinny Cow Game . Maybe ! Tell me something, do you think she is too skunny this one? Take them both ! What are you waiting for, amigo? Of course ! Jim! Chico ! I see that gun and thought it was the crazy one here. Crazy one? He is upstairs. Come on sit down. I’ll buy you a drink, huh? What brings you here in the middle of such a night? Business. With Pardee? Now how did you know? Tonight, everbody is trying to find Pardee. Including the crazy ones? Mexican speaks english, got a rifle like this? Yes. If it’s going to be any shooting, Jim What are you talking about. He is my partner. I sent him on ahead. Where is Pardee? His man is gonna be here soon In that case I’ll better wake that one up. He did not go to sleep. Hey Anita! Theres is not one, Theres is two, Jim! Mi amigo! Come on up and bring a bottle ! He never told me once that he had a partner. He is very careful man! That’s why I picked him. Pardees man gets here you call me. Come in! I missed you this morning. Oh, you did not think I deserted you? To my fathers honor, whoever he was. Believe me, amigo. It was my plan to share with you Just like now. Which one of these beauties do you like? Come on, Anita. This is better than being the capitaine. That loco. You fooled me with that giving your word, amigo. Well, I said that were going to bring his waggon to Pardee Thats what we are doing, aren’t we?. Hey stop it you drive me crazy.