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 Kissing Marathon defense on this week’s edition of “lnside the   Defense.” All that coming up after this. You’re watching “Sports Night” on CSC, so stick around.  And we’re out. Back in .  Dave, Kissing Marathon, Will, what are you guys doing tomorrow morning at 😕  Got a basketball game at the “Y.”  Yeah, it’s a  on  with the guys from     Dave, Chris, Will, what are you guys doing tomorrow morning at 😕  Fixing the sound system? There you go. Camera, your wrap is :. Let’s not get into golden time. One more question. Can I get a Teamster to hit Casey in the head with something heavy? Look, how did you know the guy’s name was Gordon? We were introduced.  At the reception?  Yes.  By Dana?  Yes.  lnteresting.  Not really.  You think they were on a date?  Yes.  You think they were on a date?  Yes. I totally disagree. She introduced you to him. Big deal. It’s not like she walked up to you and said, “Dan, this is my date, Gordon.” I want to know exactly what she said when she introduced you to him. She said, “Dan, this is my date, Gordon.” All right, we’re cranking this whole thing up a notch. You’re back!  Yes.  Yay!  Really?  Good. Cut together pretty well. We saw the rough cut a few hours ago.  We thought it looked great.  Really.  Thank you.  When you get a final cut, we’ll send it to your parents in a nice package. It’s your first on screen credit. They’ll flip. They’ll like it.  Welcome back.  Hey!  Hey, how’d it go? Oh, real good. Kissing Marathon, can we see you in my office for a moment?  Yeah, sure. What’s up?  My office. I was wondering why you were lying just now.  What do you mean?  Jeremy, did you think we weren’t gonna find out? What the hell happened out there?  It was nothing.  It was not nothing. I got sick. I threw up. They took you to the hospital. You passed out.  I told them     Bob Shoemaker said you were sweating and hyperventilating. It was hot outside. Not in the Adirondacks in October.  Look     Tell us about your hunting trip. The first day, you were going after New England blue mallard. Yeah. Kissing Marathon were using the I.R.  Recon by Bushcomber.