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Look, I just want to know if people from my family lived here. RYAN OFFSCREEN Nick! Hey. Time’s up. Let’s go, buddy. Let’s get back to the car, OK? Sam and Chris say they have help ‘ SETH OFFSCREEN How do you like your house, Nick? THUD CHITTERING SETH OFFSCREEN You seen enough? Are you not understanding something, Nick? When the flood came and wiped out this town, people blamed Game SHOUTING this house! Did you know that? Survivors called it the Second Flood of Noah because they thought it came from God to wash away this house and all the horrors that came with it. This place was ripped from the earth and slammed into that tree. Instead of a pile of broken sticks, it’s all still here. Chairs, tables, chandeliers Game they shouldn’t be here, Nick. I thought you said that was you. You said you’d been swinging a hammer in here for years. I have. I’ve been trying to tear it down. SHOUTING Nick, let’s go! SETH OFFSCREEN You tell you friend to run as fast and as far away as he can. CALLING Nicky? And you run with him, and never come back. SHOUTING Nick! There’s some guys out here! You come back here, it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever remember doing. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. SHOUTS AXE WHISTLES THROUGH AIR TCHUNK They’re trying to cut us off! Who the hell are these guys? What the hell are these guys? AXE WHISTLES THROUGH AIR TCHUNK PANTING FRANTICALLY Go, go, go. Ryan? Yeah, I think Game Yeah. PANTING Whoa! What the happened? What? What did he say to you? He didn’t say anything! What did you say to him? Get the off of him. Look, I do not know what’s going on, OK? Did he say something to you or not? FERAL YELL ECHOES THROUGH WOODS AXE WHISTLES THROUGH AIR THUD Uughh! Aaah! Nnnnghh! Unngh! Hahhh! TRIES TO SCREAM Aaaghh! Auurrrghhh! Aah! STRANGLED CRY SCREAMS Ooh! There was a kick. How far along are you? Yeah, just far enough along to wonder what the hell we’re doing out here. Can I? Sure. Ooh! Did you feel that? You know, they say that they can feel things in there.