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  It’s hot, it’s humid… It’s like being in a giant steam room. BIRDS Koubachi The humidity I’m feeling is because the heat has evaporated water, so the air is laden with vapour, the gaseous form of water. As the day progresses, some of this warm, moist air will change state again. It’s mid-afternoon and it’s getting increasingly hot and steamy. In fact, if feels like this heat is about to trigger something absolutely spectacular. Throughout the day, the land has been absorbing more and more heat. That heat warms up the moist air and forces it to rise high into the atmosphere, forming towering cumulus clouds. These clouds are the transformation of water made visible. The rising water vapour has cooled and changed state and become liquid again. What’s incredible is watching this cumulus cloud growing in front of my very eyes. It has to be eight, ten kilometres tall already and you can almost feel the energy crackling away inside it. There’s a tremendous sense of build-up and anticipation in the air. Powerful updraughts push the cloud so high, the top spreads out to form a characteristic anvil shape.