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Where did you get it from? From the poor soldiers. You’re a bad egg, ain’t you. A good family, a good education. But you’re a yellow dog. I’ve been unfortunate. ─ I know. You were found out. Lots of people are unfortunate that way. You ain’t fond of Alexander Hamilton, are you. No, I ain’t. And you’d do any darned thing for a ten-dollar bill, wouldn’t you? Well just as long as it wasn’t anything dishonorable, Mr Roberts. If there was only a way to shake the people’s faith in him. Pretty hard to shake the people’s faith in Hamilton. I know it. See, Mr Roberts. Have you ever thought about ..? Sit down. Excuse me, Master Hamilton. But it’s right now ten o’clock. Well, what of it? Why, you ain’t had no dinner and now you ain’t touched no supper neither. Well, I’ve got a difficult job on here. Trying to make bricks without straw. Bricks? I certainly do see why you might want to miss supper, Master. [ Door knocks ] Is you in or is you out? Oh well .. I suppose I’m in. Yes, sir. You is in. Monsieur Hamilton, he is still working?